WAEC 2022 Private WASSCE Registration Date and Procedures Out


The 2022 Private WASSCE Registration Dates and Procedures have been released by WAEC for candidates who plan to retake the exam.
The registration period for the 2022 Private WASSCE, also known as NOV-DEC, will begin on Monday, May 23rd, and end on Tuesday, August 16th, 2022.

Students should be aware that there are authorized registration centers and internet cafes that can assist them in gathering information for the examination.

Registration procedure for private WASSCE or NOV-DEC examinations in 2022

When the portal is activated on May 23rd, students who plan to take the exam should follow the steps outlined below to register.

Candidates should register by following the steps below:

(1) Go to www.waecgh.org to complete the registration process.

(2) Go to the WASSCE for Private Candidates link.


(4) Enter the required security information, such as a password and a security question.

(5) Complete the form with your personal information.

(6) Add your photograph. (For more information, see Caption 9)

(7) Sign and submit your signature.

(8) Choose the Region and Center where you want to take the test.

(9) Choose the topic(s) on which you want to write.

(10) Print your voucher and bring it to any of the banks in Caption 16.

(11) Make the necessary bank deposits.

(12) When your Index Number and Admission Alter are released, you will use your Invoice Number to access them.

When registering for the 2022 Private WASSCE or NOV-DEC, keep these important facts in mind.

1. Use a valid email address and password to create a candidate profile. For future logins, this email address and password will be used. You will be directed to the Registration Page after successfully logging in or creating a profile.

2. Candidates registering for the Private WASSCE for the first time must provide their surnames FIRST, followed by their personal information, which includes their name, date of birth, region, email address, postal address, and disability. The names you provide must be under 40 characters long.

3. Choose the region and testing center where you want to take the exam. WAEC will determine the exact location for candidates.

4. Choose the subjects for which you want to take the exam. Please keep in mind that the maximum number of subjects is eight.

5. Scan and upload a recent passport-size photograph. Make sure the photograph is between 160 and 200 pixels wide (Height). The scanned signature should have a width of 250 pixels and a height of 150 pixels (Height).

6. Candidates who wish to change their Biodata or add more subjects must do so using the Penalty module after payment has been made at the bank.

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