What are the Courses Offered at WIUC-Ghana?


The Accredited list of Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate Courses & Programmes offered at the Wisconsin International University College – Ghana, WIUC-Ghana has been published online.


List of Courses Offered at the Wisconsin International University College

Below is the full detail of all the UNDERGRADUATE COURSES offered at Wisconsin International University College.

Wisconsin Business School

Department of General Business Studies

  • BA Business Studies, General Business

Department of Management Studies

  • BA Business Studies, Human Resource Management
  • BA Business Studies, Marketing

Department of Accounting, Finance and Banking

  • BA Business Studies, Banking & Finance
  • BA Business Studies, Accounting
  • BSc Accounting

School of Computing and Technology

Department of Business Computing

  • BSc Management & Computer Studies

Department of Information Technology

  • BSc Information Technology
  • Diploma in IT

School of Nursing

Department of Nursing

Department of Community Health

  • BSc. Community Health Nursing

Department of Midwifery

Faculty of Law

School of Communications

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

  • BA Development & Environmental Studies
  • BSc Economics

Department of Language Arts

  • English Language
  • Chinese Language
  • French


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