What Is USSD Code And How Does It Work

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Unstructured Supplemental Service Data is what the letters USSD stand for.
The USSD code is actually a technology that works like a menu and can be used on almost all cell phones.

Behind this technical term is a service that is easy to use and can be reached from any computer.

Some useful things you can do with USSD codes are add more airtime, check your balance, and get a mini statement.

When a communication channel is offered, the USSD becomes a useful and essential service. It gives users the option of dialing into confirmation and consultation services.

This is a very important part of communication in the modern world.


Now that you know what the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code is, it’s time to learn how it looks.

The format of a USSD code is easy to understand. It is usually defined by the * and # signs, which are dialed at the beginning and end of the series of numbers before you press the send button.

This service lets subscribers and applications talk to each other in both directions. It makes it easy to get in touch with and talk to your customers quickly.

As has already been said, the user enters a menu of services offered by the company by dialing (*) followed by a unique code.

It works through mobile channels through sessions or “conversations” where the user talks to an app while browsing menus.

APIs make it easy to create and change the menus and services to fit the needs of each user.


USSD codes shouldn’t be a second way to communicate, but the idea may work on its own. This idea is to become another way for a company to talk to its customers.

It gives users more options, so they can always get to the information they need. USSD is the perfect thing to add to your business to make it omnichannel.

USSD texts and interactions are not stored on the phone, but SMS messages are. No, which makes this one of the safest choices if the information is sensitive.

The USSD allows up to 182 characters, while the SMS only allows 160.

It works with any cell phone that can communicate with its operator.

Does USSD Require An Internet?

No. Using USSD code does not require any internet connection.

The Internet is not something you need.

All you have to do is get your phone, dial the right number, and hit the send button.

A web platform is used to make menus, and USSD traffic is analyzed in real time.


Before, you had to wait for the phone operators to get the USSD service.

It’s not something that everyone has, so the service could only be used by people who had signed up for it.

Infobip’s direct connections have made it possible for the service to reach a lot more people than it did before.

Companies no longer have to go to each operator to find out if the service is available and sign a separate contract with them.

Companies can offer this service in any way they want with just one tool.

In the same way, connecting APIs makes it easier to change the menus from the same platform without having to go straight to the provider.

Titles, menus, and access can be changed to fit the needs of the company.

As you can see, the USSD code can be used in many ways you might not have thought of.

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