What to know about the Adopted son of Madonna

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David Banda is a young Malawian who is well-known in the public eye because he is Madonna’s adopted son.

David Banda Age

16 years old

In 2005, on September 21, the baby boy was born. He was born in the southern country of Malawi. Details about the specific city in Malawi where he was born have not been made public yet.


The boy or girl is currently 16 years old and can’t wait to turn 17 in September 2022.

David Banda real parents

One interesting thing about being adopted is that you might not know who your real parents are. Many people are still wondering who the young boy’s real parents are.

Some people didn’t even realize that Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie only adopted the young boy because they think of themselves as the boy’s real parents.

Yohane Banda, who is Dabid’s biological father, and Marita Banda, who is also his biological mother, are his real parents.

David Banda

In 2006, famous American singer Madonna adopted the boy, who was just about to turn 1 years old at the time. She and her husband have been taking care of the child since it was a baby.

So, it’s easy to see why many people thought that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were the boy’s biological sons.

When he was born

You might be wondering why Banda was given up for adoption in the first place. The sad part of the story is that the boy’s mother died while giving birth to him.

She actually died while she was giving birth to David. David’s mother died, so he was sent to an orphanage called “Home of Hope Orphanage.” It was here that Madonna and her now-ex-husband chose to take him in and raise him as their own.

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