Who Are The Freemasons? Beliefs, Practices, Myths & Facts

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One of the oldest groups in the world is called the Freemasons. Freemasons can be traced back to local groups of stonemasons called “guilds” (one of the oldest ways of construction where stone is the major material). There are two different kinds of groups. Those who don’t like politicians, talking about religion, letting women join, and another type of Freemason who lets all kinds of people join. Who are the Freemasons? What are some of the beliefs of the Freemasons? Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything.

How does a person become a Freemason?

Not everyone is welcome to join the group. There are also exceptions and conditions. Those who want to join must be at least 21 years old. The person who wants to join also has to be free and have a good reputation. As was already said, some Freemasons don’t want religious people to join, so anyone who wants to join must say that they believe in a Supreme being.

Freemason Beliefs You Didn’t Know


Some of the things a Freemason believes are listed below. Look at the list.

• Freemasons believe that a person can be saved by doing good things for other people and by being saved by Jesus or any other god.

• Some versions of Freemasonry accept everyone who prays or runs for office, while others don’t.

• The Freemason version lets people of all faiths pray together with all other members.

Freemasons: Some Facts

Here are some things you should know about Freemasons.

• Fourteen of the country’s first 43 presidents were Freemasons.

• Freemasons shake hands with each other in different ways based on their position in the group.

• The Catholic Church didn’t let its members join Freemason.

• Most Freemasons are men, but there are some women in some groups.

• Freemasons go to a place called a “lodge” to pray.

What’s good about becoming a Freemason?


Like any other group, there are a lot of people in Freemasonry. There are pros to having a lot of people in it. Here are some of them:

• Help: Masons have each other’s backs. It’s easy to get help, whether it’s money or something else.

• Mentorship: It’s easy for a member to learn from a top member. All the skills they need will be given for free.

• Education: It’s easy to learn new skills when you’re a Freemason.

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