Who Was Francisca Choji? Cause Of Death, How Did Francisca Choji Die?

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Francisca Choji: Who Was She?

Francisca Choji was a well-known Nigerian cinema actress. But she died two days ago at the Rayfield Resort in Jos South. With her performance, she captivated the hearts of the audience. Her body was discovered in the pool.

There was no hint of foul play at Francisca Rayfield Resort near Jos. The manner in which she died is being investigated by police. The topic of how she died is frequently asked on social media.

The Cause Of Death

People are still trying to figure out how she died. Her actual cause of death is unknown. Her body was discovered at Rayfield Resort. Police were also unsure whether she was alone in the resort or if she was accompanied.

A young lady’s body was discovered on a roadside in Jos.

Francisca Choji, a young lady, was discovered dead in Jos on Sunday May 1. Her body was discovered dumped at Rayfield Resort area, Plateau State capital.

We have lost one too many people.
This is heartbreaking!! pic.twitter.com/7gfb0aDj4c

May 3, 2022 — Nky (@dollymetuh)

How Did Francisca Choji Pass Away?

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) was approached by police to ask about Choji’s death, but it had nothing to say at the time of this report.

People are still perplexed by her death. Is she experiencing any difficulties in her life, or does she not know how to swim properly? Why did she enter the water if she didn’t know how to swim? This is something the netizen is thinking about. Everyone was wondering why she was alone in the resort.

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