World’s Biggest Crypto Exchange Says With Reasons

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The conversation was live on YouTube – News Asia, and the crypto currency CEO divulged a lot of information, as well as how Bitcoin would withstand the current trend and why it will replace gold.

“Gold is not very straightforward to transfer; you have to meet someone physically to really transfer the gold,” he said. It’s quite hefty, and having to carry it across airports is terrifying. It’s difficult to store. Physical space is required.

“It’s difficult to verify.” You have no idea what the density of the gold is. On the other side, you can always be certain that if you acquire some Bitcoin, you will get some Bitcoin.



“The availability of gold is not completely restricted. It’s scarce, but if another gold mine is discovered, there may be greater supply. Bitcoin’s supply is very restricted. In my opinion, gold is a very excellent store of wealth, but its use case is coming to an end. “Bitcoin is unquestionably the future,” Zhao said.

It is worth noting that the price of bitcoin has risen by 4.1 percent in the previous 24 hours.



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