You wear $30k watch but stay in rented house – Delay to King Promise after bragging on her show about his expensive lifestyle

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When King Promise was on Delay’s popular show, Delay did her usual thing and beat him up. This made him a joke on the internet.

Even though he is successful in the mainstream, the clean-shaven artist is not known for being loud and flashy. However, he came out of his shell and started bragging about his expensive jewelry.

During a recent interview with the talk show host and businesswoman Delay, he told her that his outfit and accessories cost almost $50,000.

This happened after Delay asked the award-winning musician to clear up a rumor that his Bottega shoes really cost $1700, which had gone viral.



King Promise said “yes,” and then he started bragging about how he has other things that cost more than that.

He said that his watch cost $30,000 and that his chain cost $10,000. Delay patiently waited for him to talk about how important he was, and then he asked him why he still hadn’t built a mansion but had instead “invested” money in clothes and accessories.

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