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Here’s how to register, login, check account balance, and utilise Zenith Bank Nigeria internet banking.
Zenith bank is one of Nigeria’s largest financial organisations, therefore I’m not shocked they adopted online banking.
It offers flexible client service.

You can sign up for Zenith internet banking in Nigeria in several ways.

Yes, you can apply online or in-person.

Everyone wants things done quickly, therefore online registration is best.

This guide makes signing up for the service easy.

This article will teach you how to register, log in, check your balance, and more.

Let’s start if you’re ready.

ZENITH BANK REGISTRATION Nigerian Internet Banking

Steps to Zenith bank online banking in Nigeria:

1. Visit ZBN’s website.

2. Start registration by clicking internet banking.

Click “Sing up.”

4. Download the PDF application for Zenith internet banking.

5. Save the application on a USB or Pendrive.

Print the online banking application.

7. Enter your name under account name.

8. Enter your ZBN account number.

9. Include a valid email address.

10. If you have other Zenith Bank Nigeria accounts, select yes.

11. Skipping that portion.

12. Enter other account numbers.

13. Submit your internet banking application at the nearest Zenith branch.

After submitting your application at the bank, you’ll be given a date to pick up your login details. You may also receive a mail alert.

Simple methods to signup for Zenith bank online banking.

After your application is approved and you have login details, log in.


Here’s how to log into Zenith bank online banking.

• Visit https://www.zenithbank.com/internet-banking/ for Zenith online banking.

• Click the downward arrow and choose a password, PIN, and token.

• Enter your password to access your Zenith Bank online account.

• Enter account number.


Click “Login.”

• When you access Zenith Bank online banking.

Check your account balance by reading below.


Check your Zenith bank online banking balance in Nigeria using these steps.

Visit www.zenithbank.com/internet-banking.

2. Enter your account number.

3. Choose your PIN, token, or password.

4. Click “Login” to access online banking.

5. When your account opens, click on the account number to see its balance.

6. Your Zenith Bank account balance is published online.

Checking your Zenith bank online account balance is easy.


Zenith Bank internet banking in Nigeria features:

1. Move money between accounts.

2. Review your transactions.

Checkbook request.

Pay in bulk.

5. Instantly pay invoices.

Zenith Bank Nigeria’s internet banking guide is complete.

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